Julie Jones


Julie Jones is an Award-Winning International Speaker, International Bestselling Author of the book Stop Waiting Start Living and an Intuitive Coach, with the Get Shit Done Platform.  She is a master connector of people who is passionate about supporting purpose driven entrepreneurs to live their best life NOW without regrets. 

As a former police officer and SWAT member, Julie knows that there is no promise of tomorrow, and coaches individuals to face the fear and live in the moment.  Julie is a podcast host where she features inspiring, driven individuals who are leveling up in their life and have nuggets of wisdom to share.   

She has facilitated women’s conferences, has sat on several boards within her community and is a director with BNI, Business Networking International. Since her involvement with BNI, Julie has been awarded the Education Coordinator of the Year(2019) as well as the Leadership Team of the Year and the first ever back to back  Member of the Year(2020 and 2021).  Julie has been featured on numerous podcasts and summit stages, along with creating customized workshops for businesses and individuals. 

In the last 15 years, Julie has influenced thousands of clients in
achieving their passions and getting comfortable taking risks in their pursuit of a better and bolder quality of life. To learn more about Julie Jones and Get Shit Done Coaching, click here.

The Adventures of Julie Jones

Featured In

Julie has been featured on several podcasts including Your Guided Journey, Why Can’t You, Mission Accepted, and on television with Dr Nancy Knows. 


Julie has been published in the March 2021 edition of the Lead Up for Women magazine and released her first book, an International Best Seller, Stop Waiting Start Living in November 2021. Julie also was featured on the cover of Lead Up for Women in October 2021.

Master Connector

Within her short 2.5 years with BNI, Julie has been awarded the Education Coordinator of the Year(2019) as well as Leadership Team of the Year and Member of the Year(2020). Julie has a weekly interview series where she highlights business owners throughout the country to inspire her audience that anything is possible.


Julie has been the keynote speaker for the Spirit, Mind, Body Conference in Arizona as well as the Leap Event, August 2021. She has also been on the Badass Women in Business Summit, the keynote for the Small Business Expo, Leadership & Money Unleashed as well as the World Love Summit which also featured Les Brown.